How Much Will Bathroom Works Cost?

The cost of bathroom renovations varies, influenced by size, Preparation work (type of walls—brick or plasterboard), and finish choices, such as tiling or wetwall. For a precise, tailored quote, a consultation to assess your specific requirements is recommended.

Should I Choose Wetwall Or Tiles For My Bathroom Walls?

Choosing between wetwall and tiles depends on your preferences for aesthetics, maintenance, and cost. Wetwall panels offer a seamless look and are easier to maintain, making installation quicker and often more budget-friendly. Tiles allow for custom designs but require more upkeep and can be costlier due to longer installation and maintenance.

However, we recommend consulting our team for tailored information.

How Long Until We Can Start A Project?

We strive to ensure our clients do not have to wait longer than 6 to 8 weeks from the initial survey to the installation date, aiming for a swift and efficient project commencement.

How Long Does A Bathroom Project Take?

For tiled bathroom projects, you can expect completion within 7 to 10 days. Wetwall bathroom projects are generally faster, with an expected completion time of around 5 days, (due to their less labour-intensive nature).

How Can Fixtures And Fittings Inside The Walls Be Accessed If There Is A Fault?

In the event of a fault with fixtures and fittings concealed within the walls, strategic access panels or removable sections are designed into the installation. This ensures that any necessary repairs or maintenance can be conducted with minimal disruption to the wall finish, whether it is tiled or wetwall.

However, we recommend contacting us for the right advice.